Burgkopf Beer
Alcohol content
500 ml


Belgian style Ale with Blueberry flavor
Screaming fresh berries, Burgkopf Blueberry is loaded with freshly fragrant notes of blueberry.
A light, crisp malt backbone helps balance the bold, sweet,
and vibrant blueberry flavors.
Need a pop? Grab a blueberry. Straight from the can, it pours just like your favorite tropical cocktails and transports you on holiday. There, you're greeted by a burst of soda and a wave of refreshing fruitiness, but quickly the blueberry takes the lead into a virtual tour of fruity flavor.
This fruitbeer has a nice sweet-sour balance, ideal as an aperitif.
Burgkopf Pineapple Beer
500 ml x 4 Pack
Burgkopf pineapple beer 4x500ml