Alcohol content
500 ml


Belgian style Ale with Blueberry flavor
Screaming fresh berries, Burgkopf Blueberry is loaded with freshly fragrant notes of blueberry.
A light, crisp malt backbone helps balance the bold, sweet,
and vibrant blueberry flavors.
Need a pop? Grab a blueberry. Straight from the can, it pours just like your favorite tropical cocktails and transports you on holiday. There, you're greeted by a burst of soda and a wave of refreshing fruitiness, but quickly the blueberry takes the lead into a virtual tour of fruity flavor.
This fruitbeer has a nice sweet-sour balance, ideal as an aperitif.
Burgkopf Pineapple Beer
New resealable cap
500 ml x 4 Pack
Burgkopf pineapple beer 4x500ml
This new can features a resealable tab! Perfect for beach days and picnics, environmentally friendly cuts down on plastic bottles. Enjoy the cool can feel while keeping your drink bubbly and fresh, no need to rush through your refreshment.
Tired of your beer going flat?